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Jet lives in a city called N city and has adventures with the neighbors he hates (Kelly and Snelly). He found Legs one day and made Legs his pet.Then, he gets a girlfriend who turns out to be a murderer. In the past, she chopped Legs in half with an axe and that's why he's just legs. Legs saves Jet and kelly by killing her. Legs turns out not to be just a housepet, but also a superhero called Super Legs! Then, Jet looks for a friend and askes Kelly and Snelly to be his friend (Even thogh he hates then) But Snelly kicks him. Then, Jet posted a sign on the side of the road that says if you wanted to be my friend meet me at my house. Danny looks at the sign and meets him at his house. Danny and Kelly are the only ones that show up at his house and Jet accepts them as a friend (Not so much Kelly) and they watch T.V. Then, Danny pets Legs and says, "He kinda looks like Super Legs." And they watch more T.V. That movie was made to give the plot of the following series and it also was the series finale to Jet the friendfinder. Jet the friendhaver is about the 3 friends having adventures. In episode 5, Danny meets Snelly and Snelly bites him. Because of her actions, she was thrown into a mental hospital. She won't be seen for the rest of the show's run. Jet's girlfriend comes back to kill Jet, but Danny kills her. Snelly gets shot by Officer Scumbag because he thought she moved to come and bite him.