Snelly Worthington
Full name: Snelly Worthington
Appearance(s): Jet the friendfinder
Jet the friendhaver... Snelly's last
Jet the friendhaver... Snelly's last, really
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Age: 7 (deceased)
Home: N city
Family: Kelly
Likes: Kelly
Voiced by: Dominic Wilson
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"Don't say (bleep), stupid!" -Snelly

Snelly is mean to Jet and would always beat him up! She was taken out of the show. She is Kelly's sister. She was taken to Little Damien Mental Hospital by Officer Scumbag for biting Danny's leg and was later killed there. She is based off of Shelly from South Park.


Officer Scumbag held her at gunpoint at the mental hospital so she couldn't bite him. He thought she moved so he shot her in the face.

Snelly dead

Snelly after being shot by Officer Scumbag.