Jet the friendfinder
Format Comedy
Created by Dominic Wilson

Dominic Wilson

Opening theme "Jet the friendfinder" by

Dominic Wilson

Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 38 (list of episodes)
Original channel
Original run August 02, 2007-December 26, 2009
Status Ended
Followed by Jet the friendhaver


One day I created a show. The idea is an adventure of a 14-year- old kid named,Jet. Who has a blond- haired 14-year-old neighbor, Kelly and a mean 6-year-old Snelly. Snelly is Kelly's little sister. Kelly and Snelly look the same, only Snelly has braces and is always in a bad mood. And they share the same voice. They live in "N City." Snelly is brutal to Jet, she is nice to others, but is mean only to Jet. Jet has a pet Legs. Legs was a normal guy, but a killer cut off the rest of his body with an axe. All that's left is his legs and Jet found him one day and made him his pet. That is how "JET THE FRIENDFINDER" was born.

Jet the friendfinder

(left to right) Legs, Snelly, Kelly and Jet