Jet's Girlfriend
Jet girl
Full name: Jet's Girlfriend
Appearance(s): Jet the friendfinder... Jet's girlfriend
Jet the friendhaver... Jet's girlfriend II
Status: Deceased
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (deceased)
Home: N city
Likes: Jet (formerly)
Voiced by: Dominic Wilson
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"Too bad!!" -Jet's girlfriend

A person who went out with Jet. She turned out to be a killer and later tried to kill Kelly with an axe. Legs kicked her axe up and she was stabbed by the sharp end. Everyone thought she was dead. (She wasn't) It turns out that she was the one that cut Legs in half.


She came back to try to kill Jet, but Danny shot her. She is dead and will not come back in the show.

J gf shot

Jet's girlfriend's real death after being shot by Danny.